Flick Home Run Cheats

Welcome to the Flick Home Run Cheats page! If you are here, you probably had enough batting tough-to-bat balls and desire to make your life a bit easier via Flick Home Run Cheat Codes, Tips, Secrets, Hints and what not. However, Infinity Pocket, the creator of Flick Home Run decided to disallow cheats in this game for the moment. The whole point of this game is to challenge the batter use his skill tree and dexterity to beat the game, and we stand by that! If you are a true flicking champ you can do just fine without the using Cheats, Codes and other Hacks.

If you decide the game is indeed too hard, instead of just quitting it altogether, we decided to give you a short video tutorial that might help you get exactly what you want, a hack which will allow you to upgrade your skill tree (Power, Batting Eye and Contact) to whatever level you want them to be. All you need to do is simply follow the step-by-step instructions depicted in the video and then start swinging away! Hey, we can condone cheats, if that’s what makes you stay a Flicking Fan that by all means go a head, as long as you keep the batting going!

Flick Home Run Hack:

Happy Flicking!