Flick Home Run

Welcome To Our Flick Home Run Fan  Site!

In Flick Home Run you Swing  a baseball and try to make a home run! You “Flick” your finger and there we go! This game is easy to control and addictive like hell!

In the start of each round, you have to hit the ball with your finger, but you have to be accurate because Flick Home Run uses physics which is based on real life!

Download Flick Home Run!

The Goal is simple, flick the ball the best you can, like you would swing your bat in real life! You are guaranteed to feel a “real life” baseball experience! Think of your finger as a bat, and flick it with your best aim, take into account speed and of course accuracy, and feel a like in a real baseball batting!

Flick Home Run is fun & addictive! Please Join our site and be a part of our community!!!

Flick Home Run Features:

  • 9 Real Time Ball Movements!                                  5 Different Game Modes!!!
  • Different Swing Tactics!                                             Multiplayer Option! *NEW*
  • Cool Physics Based Engine!                                     Compete Online For Ranking!

  • Real Batting Experience!                                           Make Outstanding Home-runs!
  • Simple & Easy To Learn!                                           Use Your Wits To Perform Better!
  • Unique “Flicking” Possible!                                      Dozens Of Cool New Maps!

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